Security & Consultants

Security Services

We provide to residential clients which include apartments or single dwelling, commercial which include schools, churches and offices, and industrial properties.


  • Amed/Unarmed Personnel (which include perimeter patrolling and time log data)
  • Patrol Team (which randomly check all our locations)
  • Canine Service (with or without handler)
  • Consultant and Investigation
  • Personal Protection (with or without transportation or drivers)

Complete Events Management

When hosting an event, you can contract us for your full event packaged in which we will provide stage management, lighting, decorations and ticket management along with other services.


  • Gate Monitoring
  • Box Office Monitoring
  • Back Stage Monitoring
  • Parking Attendants
  • Events Signal Signs
  • Parking Tickets
  • Lodgments (we can collect your funds or transports you with your funds after an event)
  • Venue Protection (armed/unarmed personnel)

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Ballistic Security & Consultants

We are the parent company of Ballistic Group of Businesses. Founded by five young innovative entrepreneurs on January 27, 2000, Ballistic Security and Consultant Limited initially provided security services to Schools, Churches, Apartments and Industrial Companies. Today, our service supports the security, safety, access control of key customers and of many notable and recognized corporations, organizations and locations within the areas we serve.

Twelve years in the security industry, Ballistic Security and Consultant Limited remains a customer-committed, solution oriented service provider at an affordable cost.

We also provide meaningful and stable opportunity to our employees and contractors. We are One Hundred Percent (100%) Jamaican owned.

Our philosophy, structure and operation are uniquely different from mainstream service providers. Ownership is involved not only in policy direction and in management of the company, but directly ensures the highest provision of our services to our valued clients. Administrative layers are kept to a minimum to provide maximum response and access to our clientele, our employees and contractors.

If your Security Company is off target… Call us, we’re ALWAYS ON TARGET!

Security is Important

What We Believe

Our Mission

The mission of Ballistic Security and Consultant Limited is to offer consistent Response to the need of our staff and Society.

This will be done through proactive response and in order to protect life, property and contents by highly qualified trained security personnel who will perform with effectiveness.

Our Vision

The Ballistic Security and Consultant Limited is a team of professionals whose aim is to help in the development of community harmony, peace and security across the country.

Ballistic Security and Consultants Limited has sought to develop a strategic alliance with its visions, clientele and the wider community in order to assist with the reduction of crime and violence in our society.

Our Values

Our values are simple, clear and steadfast. In all our actions, services and relationships you will find a commitment to integrity, professionalism, quality, opened and prompt response. Through partnerships in service with each client, we continuously endeavor to provide security services in the most effective, efficient and value-added manner.

Our Service Approach

We serve a specific clientele base reflective of our security expertise. Unlike other companies in the security industry, we do not attempt to “be everything to every service opportunity”. Our efforts are focused on serving the quality and professional focused segments of those key markets, which reflect our expertise, and we dedicate our full resources to providing maximum service value to them.

Our Client Values

We are not just a security company here to secure your property or your business; we are here to enhance your property and business. Therefore, while our personnel doing their perimeter patrolling and discovers things that are damage or misplaced we will have a member of our division that will repair it with your permission of course for a minimal cost or sometimes no cost needed BECAUSE YOUR NEED IS OUR DEEPEST PRIORITY.

Community Support

We are an active member of multiple professional organizations and a direct supporter of local service.

• Kiwanis Club
• The Citizen Association
• Past Student Association
• School Safety and Security Committee

Security Consultants

Our Team

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